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Affect Laboratories research facility

Our laboratory is located right in the centre of Tallinn, just only a few steps from the old town, in Telliskivi (nearthe Baltic Railway Station).

We conduct scientific experiments to propel examinees to new levels of thinking. Our hour-long experiments will push your mind to its limits and help you unlock untapped potential. Our experiments are conducted daily and are open to everyone.

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Our experiments

Experiments are an important part of the Affect Laboratories. Through experimentation, we can better understand human behaviour in a variety of simulated conditions. Examinees are divided into groups of two to six and the tasks set before them will vary depending on their previous actions along with how well they demonstrate control over the surrounding reality.

Each experiment lasts sixty minutes. Participants who will be late for their allotted hour will be recycled into methane. To be successful in the experiment, you must gather all of your intellect (IQ55+) and whatever other resources you can muster. A successful experiment will reward the participants with an unforgettable experience, possibly even including a Nobel Prize!

Our test subjects



Students have proven to be excellent experimental material because their school knowledge is still fresh and they have not yet fully developed self-preservation instincts. Bring your friends and find out who has super powers among you.

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Friends and family

Interested in strengthening or testing the bonds of your family or friendships? Our experts are here to help! Sign up with your family and friends and take part in a group experiment

Korporatiivsed sündmused

Companies and corporate events

Our scientific approach creates a productive work environment for team-building exercises while providing rest from everyday work. Affect Laboratories is the perfect place for corporate events. Ask us about special corporate pricing.


Tourists and visitors

Tourists are in great demand in our laboratory. Our experiments will leave a vivid impression on your trip visiting Tallinn and probably on your entire life. Make sure you sign up ahead of time!

Affect Laboratories

10:00 - 23:30